The World is Eating Software

In October 2000 Marc Andreessen famously said

Software is eating the world.

Marc Andreessen

Today the world is eating software.

In the 4 years from 2014, the number of software repositories on GitHub has 5x.

Number of GitHub repositories 2014-2018

The number of apps in the Apple iOS App Store continues to grow.

Number of iOS apps growing exponentially

The amount of time per day spent using software is on the rise. The average US American adult now spends the majority of their day on a device.

Interestingly it was not that long ago that the majority of the working population worked in agriculture.

Now 1/3 of American’s can’t eat a meal without their smartphone.

The World is Eating Software

Luke Scott

The world is changing at an increasing pace. Who would have thought 200 years ago that the majority of working adults would not be working in agriculture? Who would have thought 10 years ago people would be spending over 2 hours a day on a device that fits in your pocket? What will people be doing in 5 years that we haven’t even thought of?